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On-going project (updated March 20, 2020)

Respect to the COVID-2019 outbreak globally, I am collecting the revelent twitters from 10+ cities of 6+ countries with over 200 million population. Call For Collaboration!

Assessment on Transportation Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the Yangtze River Delta, Jialin Liu et al., 2020.

Carbon Budgets Over a Deciduous Need-leaf Boreal Forest on Continuous Permafrost at Southern Margin of Central-Siberia, Jialin Liu et al., 2020.

Temperate Phenology in Response to Climate Extremes, lead by Canyu Zhu(junior of NYUSH), supervised by Jialin Liu.

Impacts of Regional Climate Anomalies on the Urban Tourism in Yangtze River Delta, lead by Haoze Zhu (junior of NYUSH), supervised by Jialin Liu.

Public Housing Effect on Neighborhood Sentiment in 3 Major Cities of US, lead by Zhirui Yao (senior of NYUSH), supervised by Jialin Liu.

3D Modeling for Urban Buildings and Improving Deep Learning Algorithm for Spatial Targets Recognization, lead by Wujie Duan & Wenxin Feng (senior of NYUSH), supervised by Jialin Liu, also a part of the NYUSH Capstone Project.


Office 1205, NYU Shanghai, 1555 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai, 200122

Email: jialin.liu@nyu.edu

Team members (updated on March 09, 2020)

I have two significant team members, a 15-months-old cute girl Xiang-Xiang (Munchkin British Short hair) and a 6-months-old gentleman Da-Ju (Chinese Garden Cat). Xiang-Xiang is an inherited name from my grandmother’s dog. Xiang-Xiang followed me moving to different places for many times, so she is very brave. I adopted Da-Ju the last autumn from my colleague’s back yard, he is super-active. I love them so much as the same as I appreciate my life.

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